Stan Kendall at the Miner's Club Bar

  • Stan Kendall at the Miner's Club Bar

Stan Kendall at the Miner's Club Bar - Mountain City, Nevada, 1979

The buckaroo crew and I went in one day to get supplies at the tiny hamlet of Mountain City, Nevada. Far from being a city, the community consisted then, as I recall, of a couple of bars and a grocery store. There may have been more, I think there may have been a brothel. Brothels are legal in Nevada; it’s been a long time and it’s hard to remember. The picture of Stan Kendall was made in late afternoon and there was sunlight blasting through the door of the Miner’s Club and there was lots of red: Stan’s shirt, the bar’s curtains, the wainscoting of the bar, and the tops of the bar stools. It was if the entire room was bleeding. Stan is kind of slumped there on the stool, a faraway look on his face. He had what I called back then, that “leaving look.” And he did so the next day, packing up his bedroll and saddle, picking up his pay, and heading to another job on another ranch somewhere down the road.

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