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Amish Boy with Guinea Pig

As part of my bi-annual flash sale, I am offering this signed print at $100 for a three week period beginning October 8th and ending on October 29th at 11:59 pm (EST).

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1964

This gentle portrait of an Amish boy holding his pet guinea pig started my career as a professional photographer and my 50 years as a contributor to National Geographic Magazine.

In the spring of 1964, a month away from graduating from the University of Minnesota, while on a job hunting trip out east, I was blessed with getting a photographic internship at National Geographic in Washington D.C. after showing my portfolio of student work done in the two years I'd been a photojournalism student at the University of Minnesota to Robert E. Gilka, the legendary director of photography at National Geographic. As my first assignment as an intern, Gilka sent me to Lancaster County, PA to cover a Pennsylvania Dutch festival. "Try to get some pictures of the Amish, if you can," he told me. It seemed the magazine had a finished manuscript about the Amish but had no pictures. He didn't tell he'd earlier sent a staff photographer to Pennsylvania who'd come back with nothing. Although I photographed the festival events my success with the Amish came through driving the country roads, introducing myself to Amish farmers, many of whom turned me down but eventually finding one who allowed me to photograph his family and their way of life. I continued to roam the country roads seeking other Amish images. My first assignment which was to have been for a weekend or perhaps a week, lasted through much of the summer and into the fall of 1964. On an overcast afternoon, after photographing an Amish farmer working in his fields I was brought to the barn by his son so he could show me his pet guinea pig. My portrait of the boy and his pet became the lead picture in my essay on the Amish of Lancaster county published in the August, 1965 issue, a story which has been credited as the beginning of a new, more intimate look at people in the National Geographic Magazine.

This flash sale print is a 6” x 9” image on a 9” x 11” paper. It is an archival ink jet print on archival watercolor paper. It is signed in graphite pencil on the front border. It is a perfect gift for a young aspiring photographer or for anyone who loves photography. At a price of only $100.00 it is a bargain not to pass up. All prints are shipped via USPS priority mail. Please be advised that all international custom fees apply and is the responsibility of the buyer to determine those charges.


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